Founding Ltd.

Do you have a boss who doesn't appreciate you and would rather be your master?  So in that case you will surely consider establishing your own business or company.  We can help you with that.  For example it is already possible for us from 16 900 -CZK which is a great way to save your time and have everything from experts.

Establishing Ltd. is a rather demanding process that requires some experience and qualification.  Most people however do not pay attention today and every day as we do so it takes a lot of time or money.  With us the establishment of sro is very fast and efficient so in a short time you can start your business.
The address is important

Want to increase your company's prestige?  Do business in lucrative places such as foreign metropolises or centers of Czech cities.  We can also provide for the symbolic rent the address of your dreams.  Feel free to start a business today.

Founding Ltd.
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