Cottage and cottage, the best place to vacation

Movement, experiences, cognition. Just get bored in the summer! Therefore, it is necessary to plan the holiday properly. Find a suitable place and nice accommodation. Finding a way out of boredom will help you offer. There is a diverse range of accommodation options throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Chalets and cottages is an interesting offer of interesting and attractive places for an active and interesting holiday. Holiday without boredom!

Unless you want the boredom of the beach! That might be the only boredom of our offer. They will give you a helping hand, they will advise. Advise where to stay. All you need to do is surf the cottage! And suddenly you stop bored! These are places to stay in such interesting places that spending your free time will not be a mistake.
Escape from Boredom? Where to go on holiday?

South or North? East or West? It doesn't matter because it's always a good idea. They will advise you, have only good ideas. The cottages and cottages will show you the way out of boredom, they will find a fun holiday for you!

There are plastic windows!

It is clear that sooner or later every one of us is waiting.  What do we mean?  Well the replacement of the windows.  As the best solution we can recommend you in a clear conscience which is the most perfect solution for every property at the moment.

Not all plastic windows are identical although at first glance they may all look the same especially new ones.  After years weaknesses can already occur if plastic windows do not meet the required quality but this cannot happen to our windows.
No condensation

Plastic windows are often criticized for steam condensation and for example moldy walls.  This can really happen but not our systems where we have this.  You will surely be satisfied with our windows we guarantee that.  Decro Bzenec.

Trampoline, trampolines

Trampolines will be appreciated not only by children, but also by adults who have purchased an outdoor trampoline for the garden. Our are made of high quality material, so these trampolines have high load capacity and safety. If you decide to buy a trampoline, then the green trampoline will not disappoint us.

For trampolines we provide you with quality service right in your home. We will advise you on the construction of a trampoline, or we will immediately build it for you. If you visit our e-shop with trampoline and sporting goods, we have all the marked goods in stock immediately to be sent.
What else do we offer?

Furthermore, we offer high quality spare parts to our purchased trampoline as a matter of course. When we buy a 15% discount on trampoline spare parts. We will bring and show you trampolines personally. In addition, we provide a 5-year warranty on trampolines.

It lasts almost forever

We will greet you in our store if you wish and if you visit us as soon as possible, knowing that we have first-class quality and at the best prices you can imagine. This will inspire you and will delight the rest of your family.

Just boldly, we'll take care of you. We will offer you interior doors exactly what you want and which will fit you exactly into your kitchen or living room. Our interior doors are not just ordinary doors, they are doors that will last almost forever and you will still like to remember us.
You will certainly remember us

You will surely remember these great doors. We have so much to offer that it would be almost imprudent not to visit us.

Vinyl flooring

We have a great assortment of goods such as.  We also have parquet and other floor coverings.  Everything is always good for us and it's at great prices.  Shop in our store and don't stand unnecessarily queues.  This will definitely not happen to us.  Choose at the online store.

Have you been tired of all kinds of carpets and similar floor coverings?  Do you want to try something new modern and affordable?  So try our vinyl flooring.  Vinyl flooring in our store is represented in so many designs that everyone will choose the best floor for their house.
We always care for our customers

Customer care and all services are ready for you.  Let us show you and showcase our modern vinyl flooring.

Sales Companies

No pain no gain.  This phrase is still valid today but why not treat yourself to a little comfort?  Save time and nerves when setting up a desired business and reliably get your dream business through.

Sales companies know how to do it.  Guaranteed to complete the final move to the goal.  The practical experience of specialists is marked by the connection with the success of the founding company.  The client can choose various types of company from a limited liability company through joint-stock companies – to beneficial European companies where it is not a problem to set up a seat in any European Union country.  The company sales specialists will also provide the necessary requisites for the registration of a trade license and entry in the Commercial Register.  It does not matter whether the applicant has capital.
A reliable project

Sales of companies will reliably insert the necessary initial financial amount.  Everything under excellent price conditions.  Saving time and worry is a worthwhile value.

Ready – made s.r.o

What are r.o companies?  They are set up by a particular company for the purpose of selling to the target client.  The pre-sale conditions of these companies are that they must have no obligations and never do business.  And the creation is ready for sale to the client immediately.
Ready – made s.r.o

In the Czech Republic we can meet for example the company Chamr & Partner which has been involved in the foundation of Ready – made s.r.o for many years.  These companies are usually registered with the Municipal Court in Prague.  The transfer is then possible in every major city.

And what benefits do these companies offer?

As part of the transfer of ready – made s.r.o of the company any changes can be made such as changing the name registered office or business object according to the client 's wishes.  The big advantage is that you can start your business immediately after transfer and write changes to the Commercial Register.  Also you do not have to put any registered capital on a tied bank account but it is repaid immediately in full!

Tea parties you will love

For all lovers

Mankind is evolving, one millennium alternates another and centuries totally rushes. The world is changing, and only a little remains in it. The world is changing and remains. He has been drinking for five thousand years and remains essentially the same. As a delicious, refreshing and stimulating drink. Tea is very old, but it has the power to be young!
For hedonists

His drinking rituals remain somewhere else. But nothing prevents you from creating your own rituals. Drinking tea from a nice cup, enjoying its taste in peace or drinking tea with friends are our modern rituals. The world and habits are changing, but its taste remains!

Go for ice cream not only for the school report

Ice creams

An ice cream hill is something that stabs you especially in the summer heat when you literally dissolve in the sun.  We will give it to you as much powder as you want and you can make it even the whole truck.  Really!
Ice cream

We are an established company and operate a web portal where ice cream comes first.  We sell blends for its production so if you're a confectioner or ice cream maker you're home.  With us you can choose a draft variant.  Ice cream is just a good thing.

Sugar production is relatively complicated and equipment-intensive so that the sugar industry has also strongly supported the development of engineering and the Czech lands occupied an important position in both regions in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Radio Impuls is here for everyone

Tune in and let yourself be carried away by the tones of the music we play. There is a really great choice and everyone will find their way. We play Czech and foreign music of all genres. If you haven't chosen your radio yet, it's clear: only.

When radio, radio Impuls. This password should be followed by anyone looking for only high-quality music that is not repeated. We always try to make as many new songs as possible and, of course, more often to play hits that are currently on course and people require them. This is Impuls radio.
It's a pleasure to listen to us

By dropping the radio, you usually improve your mood and enjoy it when they play it, as they say. Radio impulse brings you your favorite hits home. It's so simple, just tune in.