Pallet Truck and Pallet Trucks

Broken pallet truck

Pallet trucks sooner or later suffer some sort of defect, it is a technique and it does not last forever. The lifetime of the pallet truck is also often shortened by improper handling. For example, traffic on a surface other than that for which it was intended. The main parts are made of solid metal, almost nothing happens in normal operation.
Pallet defects

The most common defects on the pallet truck are the warped and run-out axles of the wheels, the loss of buoyancy due to damage to the mechanism, or the fluid leakage. Damage to pallet trucks often suffers from plastic parts that burst into disproportionate handling.

Pallet trucks are mostly offered by professional companies that provide non-stop service. Common faults repaired on site. Pallet trucks can also be rented, so they can provide a straightforward service trolley for repair time.

Pallet Truck and Pallet Trucks
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