Ready – made s.r.o

What are r.o companies?  They are set up by a particular company for the purpose of selling to the target client.  The pre-sale conditions of these companies are that they must have no obligations and never do business.  And the creation is ready for sale to the client immediately.
Ready – made s.r.o

In the Czech Republic we can meet for example the company Chamr & Partner which has been involved in the foundation of Ready – made s.r.o for many years.  These companies are usually registered with the Municipal Court in Prague.  The transfer is then possible in every major city.

And what benefits do these companies offer?

As part of the transfer of ready – made s.r.o of the company any changes can be made such as changing the name registered office or business object according to the client 's wishes.  The big advantage is that you can start your business immediately after transfer and write changes to the Commercial Register.  Also you do not have to put any registered capital on a tied bank account but it is repaid immediately in full!

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